Beyond Empathy

Integrated programs that help students develop social & emotional skills through their personal stories.


We take students through warm-up and creative writing exercises to help them become more comfortable with their own past and identities.


Through Empathy Mapping and character research, students learn to introspect and answer nuanced questions about their own experiences.


From cognitive to compassionate empathy, we introduce students to a variety of exercises so they have ample opportunity to react to and empathize with their peers.

Beyond Empathy: Our Story Matters

Creative Writing | Active Listening | Character Research | Theater and Acting

Primary Goal

Students will be able to tell one another stories that meant something to them, and learn to read those stories out loud with care, compassion, and empathy.

Final Project

Students will read a monologue that tells the story of another student.

Age Group

Grades K-12.

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