Learning Without Borders

Empathy-based programs for schools, communities, and businesses.

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K-12 programs that meet SEL, PBL, and multiple Common Core Standards

Collaboration opportunities for communities from across state lines

Empathy-based virtual professional development workshops

Integrated K-12 Programs That meet multiple standards

We understand that schools and teachers are  stretched thin, and resources need to be allocated as efficiently as possible. That is why we made sure our programs can help schools meet multiple standards through a single program.

Girls in Business

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Mario Corleone


This theme does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.

Student-centric program designs

We started by designing programs that students will love and engage with, then mapped our programs to the appropriate standards.

Flexible program Formats

From integrated units to afterschool enrichment, our program cadences can be adjusted to meet your organizational needs.

diversified peer groups

Our empathy-based programs bring together students and communities from across state lines to increase the diversity of the program experience.

Beyond Success

Our Beyond Success programs start with building students' awareness and confidence in their own strengths. We then give them the tools to plan for a future they deserve. (K-12)

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Beyond Music

From advocacy to self expression, our Beyond Music programs give students an opportunity to share their voice (and talents) with the world. (K-12)

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Beyond Empathy

Through our interstate partnership model, students can develop social and emotional skills with peers from across state lines through impactful projects. (K-12)

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